About me and my blog

I’m Michael. I used to have a blog called citizensheep (hence the sheep avatar), which I would attempt to rekindle every now and then. This went on for a few years and eventually I gave up: I didn’t have the energy to find new things to write about and didn’t know why I was writing it anyway; there was no discernible purpose behind it and I didn’t have a particular reason for doing it.

That’s a bit of a theme with me: I start things and don’t finish them. I tinker with making stuff but I’m no expert at any of it and learn as I go. That can be tiring and open to fear of failure: the failure of making something that turns out to be rubbish. If you never finish something, that failure is less pronounced. I might grasp the nettle with both hands, but I still get stung; the grasping doesn’t last.

Sometimes I start making physical things that require filling a table with tools I don’t really know how to use, other-times they are less tangible, like music. I’ve started enough of them to fill at least a few web pages, so this blog will be a sort of catalogue of those, as well as a way of thinking through problems and kicking myself up the backside to finish something for a change – and, hopefully, an example that I can keep something going for a little while at least.

Update: 18 May 2020

Gosh – well I guess that didn’t work. Or rather, it did work – it proved the point that I start things and don’t finish them.

BUT I’M BACK. I’m back to show that maybe I just need a little break [of two years] every now and then. Let’s see.