I sometimes record snippets of musical ideas, either played into my phone or notated on paper or in MuseScore. They usually stay there, but occasionally I dig them out and try to make something out of them. I did that a few weeks ago and settled on this snippet, which isn’t the most interesting but spoke to me at the time:

I sketched out an initial idea in Musescore:

MusicSheetViewerPlugin 4.0.2

I played in the acoustic guitar, for backing, and an electric guitar part for the break – which goes into 5/4 and ends in 7/4. I played in one synth part on a Behringer Neutron and set up a couple of sequences on a Korg Volca Modular and Volca Drum, and then played in the trumpet and xylophone parts using instruments in Logic Pro X. I cheated with the main drums: I used one of Logic’s Drummers instead of playing it in myself (because they’re better than I am).