Last week I wrote about how Logic Pro X helps me release ideas from my head in a way I couldn’t before and turn them into more-or-less fully-realised compositions. Butterflies is one of those, which I finally let fly in the wild on Soundcloud recently.

Butterflies started life three and a half years ago with the inventive name of Untitled 8. I used MuseScore to help me write it down and then to flesh it out a little. Here’s what it looked like:

And here’s what it sounded like:

That audio was generated form MuseScore, which has a few virtual instrument sounds built in so you can play your compositions back while you’re working on them. They were not at all bad for getting a general feel for what the music should sound like, but I wanted to take it further: I wanted to hear real instruments play it. That still hasn’t happened, but Logic Pro X has brought it a lot closer to sounding like it’s played on authentic instruments because the sounds in Logic are sampled from authentic instruments. This also makes it a lot more fun to play around with, and therefore build on the initial idea.

So, three and half years later, I’ve finally produced something that sounds more or less as I want it to. I’ve got it out of my head at last. Though whether that’s a good thing – ‘That stuff was in your head?!’, one friend exclaimed on hearing it – is possibly a moot point.

Anyway, here it is:

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